Happy Birthday Haley!!!

Happy Birthday Haley!

Haley’s birthday was the 27th! I hope you had a great birthday weekend reminded of just how much you are loved! I am so thankful you are in my class! This is going to be a great year!!!

– Ms. Kelley

August 28 – September 1: Learning Goals

Here are our learning goals for the week.


3.2A(R) ~ compose and decompose numbers to the hundred thousands using objects, pictorial, and numbers. Expanded notation

3.2B(S) ~ relationships in base 10 place value system

3.4A(R) ~ Solve one and two step addition and subtraction problems within 1,000

Homework: Study your basic addition facts, record in log (sent home Monday). I will check these logs on Friday. Your child will earn extra recess Friday if this is complete and he/she has had good behavior all week.


3.9A ~ observe and describe the physical characteristics of environments and how they support populations and communities within an ecosystem


Important Reminders

Tuesday, August 29th ~ Parent Orientation from 6-7

Monday, September 4th ~ School Holiday

August 29 – Parent Orientation Night


Parent Orientation Night is August 29th, NEXT TUESDAY at 6:00 pm!!! Everyone will start out in the cafeteria and then grade levels will be released to go to their designated areas. Third grade has requested the library! If that changes, I will let you know! I can’t wait to see you all there! I have enjoyed getting to know your kids and we are already working together very well! I am still so excited about this year!!!

Solar Eclipse Monday

Students are not permitted (during school hours) to go outside during the solar eclipse, Monday August 21st. We will be able to watch the solar eclipse streamed live during lunch and recess in the cafeteria. This is a safe way for the students to experience it without taking the risk of causing damage to their eyes. The students will also be able to go down and watch it in the cafeteria at 1:00 for its peak time at 1:15! We started talking about the solar eclipse on Thursday and Friday, so I know all the kids are excited to see what it’s all about. The fifth grade teacher, Mr. McBride, will talk to the students about the eclipse during that time! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me or send me a Remind text!

Happy Birthday Jaylon!

Jaylon’s birthday was Friday!!! I am so excited that you are in my class, and thankful we could all sing happy birthday to you as a class! Hope you have a fabulous birthday weekend! See you Monday!

-Ms. Kelley

Meet the Teacher SUCCESS!!!

Parents and students: THANK YOU! I have been so blessed already by you all! You have all made my first “Meet the Teacher” a complete success!!! I know it was a crazy night, but I was so glad to finally put some faces with names. I’m sorry if we didn’t get a chance to talk long, but the good thing is we have a whole year together! I am so happy you all are in my class, and I can’t wait to get started with our new year! Come ready for a great first day on Thursday!

Thank you again!

Ms. Kelley