February 5-9

3.3A – Represent fractions greater than zero and less than or equal to one with denominators of 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 using concrete objects and pictorial models including strip diagrams and number lines

3.3B – determine the corresponding fraction greater than zero and less than or equal to one with denominators of 2 ,3 ,4 ,6 , and 8 given a specified point on a number line

3.3C – explain that the unit fraction 1/b represents the quantity formed by one part of a whole that has been partitioned into b equal parts where b is a non-zero whole number

Math Vocabulary that we will be learning this week: Fractions, numerator, denominator, strip diagrams, number lines, eighth, equal parts, forth, fraction bar, half/halves, sixth, third, whole,

Homework: Motivation Math pg 30 #’s 1-4, Word Problems #3/show answers on gridable, practice multiplication math facts 3x’s! Mad Minute test this week is on Thursday over the 9’s facts!


3.6B – demonstrate and observe how position and motion can be changed by pushing and pulling objects to show work being done such as swings, balls, pulleys, and wagons

3.6C – observe forces such as magnetism and gravity acting on objects


Other Information:
Thursday 8th – Mad Minute test over X9. Vocabulary Test
Friday 9th ~ Math and Reading HW due!
February 13th ~ Special visitor for Science. Valentine’s cards due.
February 14th ~ in-class celebration for Valentine’s (no party), bring box or bag on or before this day

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