April 9-13

3.7B(R)- determine the perimeter of a polygon or a missing length when given perimeter and remaining side lengths in problems
3.7C(S)- determine the solutions to problems involving addition and subtraction of time intervals in minutes using pictorial models or tools such as a 15-minute event plus a 30-minute event equals 45 minutes

3.8B- describe and illustrate the Sun as a star composed of gases that provides light and heat energy for the water cycle

Homework: Math homework Area and Perimeter worksheet. Practice multiplication facts. I will check logs and homework Friday.

Upcoming Important Dates:
April 10 ~ 3rd Grade Field Trip to the Caldwell Zoo (big thank you to all those that are chaperoning)
April 23 ~ School Holiday
April 24 ~ 3rd Grade Field Day
May 14-15 ~ STAAR testing
May 21 ~ 3rd Grade Awards Ceremony
May 23 ~ Last day of school

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