Kelley Reward Dollars

Now that the kids in my classes have had a chance to earn some Kelley Reward Dollars, they are now ready to spend it! I’ve made a schedule for each table group to have a day designated to them to trade in their dollars for a reward. There are things from 10 dollars all the way to 150 dollars. The students count out their money and use it like cash to reinforce money management. Our first purchase of the year was Chiara. She bought my teacher chair! This is a picture of her awesomeness!!!! She, and the other students, absolutely loved the fact that I really did trade my chair with her. Students can buy lunch with me, hat passes, shoes off, house shoes, stuffed animal, pencils, free time and all kinds of other things. There are a total of 20 different things on the list. Remember the students earn Kelley Reward Dollars by getting their planner signed, bringing back papers that need to be signed, xtra math, completing homework logs, doing well on work, and more! I usually throw in a surprise giveaway every couple of days! They are loving it and I am loving the enthusiasm behind them wanting to do a good job!


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